Taeuber Troupe


"You as an animal!"

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connecting people of all ages

with the magic of art and animals.

Artist Michelle Lassaline, dressed in her handmade papier-mache animal masks and costumes, paints watercolor portraits of people as their favorite animal. From street fairs to museum openings, Michelle (as Coyote, Pelican, or Bear) has been performing 

since 2014. She has painted over 2,000 portraits of people as animals; wolves, otters, dolphins, donkeys, bees, llamas, goats, and eels. She's met caracals, capybaras, crocodiles, and axolotls, and even an occasional kangaroo. Wombats, whales, or walruses, what kind of animal are you?

Find the Taeuber Troupe on Saturdays at the Vashon Island farmers market, or book a performance for your event!



Taeuber Troupe adds whimsy and wit to celebrations of all kinds. 

Guests have their portraits made in just 3 to 5 minutes and receive a 4"x6" original watercolor in a clear archival sleeve.

Contact Michelle for availability and quote


Corporate retreats

Birthday parties

Pop-up markets


Private events 

 and  Petting zoos

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(or send a direct email to lassaline.animals@gmail.com)



A friendly and educational reminder about copyright:

You must pay a licensing fee to make copies of original artwork.

Please contact me if you have questions about copyright, fees, or if you want to use your portrait for another purpose like an invitation or announcement.

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