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How to Order

Please email the following

information to Michelle at

1. Portrait size

  • 4x6 for one person is $15

  • 5x7 for two to four people is $30

  • 8x10 for five to eight people is $80

  • (custom pricing available for larger groups)

2. The name of the person/people and something special about them like a favorite color, activity, personality trait, age, or physical attribute.
3. The animal that represents them. If it’s a dog, what breed? If cat, what color? If fish, what species?

4. Your name and mailing address.

After receiving your email, I will send a confirmation email that includes

  • Total charge including shipping 

  • Details on how to make payment.

After that you can expect your handmade custom portraits in the mail!

Thank you for your order and support of The Taeuber Troupe.


A friendly and educational reminder about copyright:

You must pay a licensing fee to make copies of original artwork.

Please contact me if you have questions about copyright, fees, or if you want to use your portrait for another purpose like an invitation or announcement.

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