Holiday Portrait Orders

Give an animal portrait to your family for Christmas!

Please email the following information to

1. The name of the person/people and something special about them like a favorite color, activity, personality trait, or physical attribute.

2. The animal that represents them. If it’s a dog, what breed? Cat, what color? Fish: tropical or deep sea or alpine lake?

3. What size portrait?

  • 4x6 for one person is $15

  • 5x7 for up to two people is $25

  • 8x10 for a family is $60

4. Your name and mailing address

Once I receive your email and payment (Check, Cash, or Venmo to Michelle Lassaline), I will send a confirmation email, begin the drawings, then send them to you in the mail! 


Order by December 15th to receive by Christmas!

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